Pre-Emptive Strike!


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

In any market, sellers have to step up and make their offering stand out to attract attention. Without spending a fortune, sellers can easily highlight several of their home’s features.

First, beat buyers to the punch with a home inspection. By discovering and fixing problems before buyers ever see the house, you can impress them with a worry-free, move-in-now opportunity. Leave your repair receipts out during showings, so that buyers can see all the improvements you’ve made just for them!

Once the mechanical and structural features of your home have been addressed, move on to the aesthetic details. First impressions count, so make sure your home is inviting from the curb. Spiff up landscaping, paint, entries, and windows.

Inside, pay attention to bath and kitchen details, because those rooms are often most important when buyers are making a decision. Aside from deep cleaning, consider updating bath and kitchen fixtures.

Finally, get a jump on your moving by organizing your closets and ditching or packing all you possibly can. If you haven’t worn it in several years donate it to a charity or place it in a consignment shop. If it’s out of season, pack it away. A good guideline is to reduce your closets to half-full, so that the buyers can easily picture the space for their own storage needs.

A few “pre-emptive strikes” should be all you need to attract buyers and offers, so ask your agent for tips today.

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