Pre-primary finance reports filed


MIAMI COUNTY — All candidates, political action committees, political caucus and parties are required to register their pre-primary election campaign finance reports by March 5.

Final campaign finance reports must be filed by April 24 detailing contributions and expenditures through April 17.

Expenses and contributions from the same person or business may have been combined for clarity purposes.

The following pre-primary campaign finance reports were filed at the Miami County Board of Elections and were obtained by public information request:

Piqua Citizens for Better Streets, treasurer Margo Booser, reported $4,232.33 in total monetary contributions and $628.39 in expenditures. The single expense of $628.39 was for U.S. Postal Service postage for mailers. Contributions included $75 from Lorna Swisher, $150 from R. Douglas Haines, $300 from Koverman Staley and Dickerson, $1,000 from Hartzell Propeller, $622.33 from Piqua Area Chamber Foundation, $100 from Laurie and W. Joseph Reiser, $75 from Kathryn and Joseph Hinds, $250 from EJM (Three Joe’s Restaurant) Incorporated, $50 from Tracy Gray, $500 from French Oil Mill Machinery, $500 from Daniel French, $60 from Kathleen Sherman, $250 from Harmony Systems and Service, $250 from Michael Gutmann and $50 from Ronald Pearson.

Citizens for Troy Schools, Craig Curcio, treasurer, reported $30,395.31 total monetary contributions and $3,421.86 in expenditures. Expenditures included $3,370.50 for yard signs and stakes from CoriGraphics and $51.36 for levy cards from Western Ohio Graphics. An in-kind donation for the use of Unity National Bank’s billboard was valued at $1,000.

Corporate contributions included $100 from Cardinal Bus Sales and Service, $1,000 from Mercer Group Inc., $5,000 from Denlinger and Sons Builders, $1,000 Scott Scriven LLP, $2,000 from Bruns Realty Group, $1,000 from Medway Tool Corp., $1,000 from Creative Labels Inc., $1,000 from McGohan Brabender, $5,000 from Troy Development Council, $5,000 from Troy Area Chamber of Commerce and $1,000 from Koverman Staley Dickerson Insurance.

Other contributions included:$30 from Brooke Dansereau; $100 from Thomas Kennedy, $500 from Erwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc., $50 from Hiromi Foran, $925 cash donations by payroll deductions per Troy City Schools, $50 from Toni Thomas, $1,500 from Ruetschle Architects Inc., $500 from Buck Run Doors and Hardware, $500 from Baird Funeral Home, $690.31 from Pepsi, $100 from Ticon Pacing Inc., $1,000 from Thomas Kleptz, $1,000 from Brian Williamson, $100 from W.R. Hackett Inc., $250 from Thomas Parker, $750 from Buffalo Wild Wings, $150 from Linda Price, $100 from Bill Wolke, $1,000 from Creative Labels Inc., $500 from American Roofing and Metal Co. Inc., and $500 from Systems C.S. Services Inc.

Committee to Elect Duchak for Sheriff, deputy treasurer Rena Gumerlock, reported $4,601.78 total funds available; $1,850 monetary contributions; $2,751.78 forwarded from last year’s campaign; $711.77 in-kind contributions and $17,5000 in outstanding loans owed by the committee. Contributions included $500 from Richard Gumerlock, $1,000 from Stephen Lord, $100 from Mark Stephenson, $50 from Janna Parker and $200 from Scott Alexander.

In-kind donations included $399 from David Duchak for web page, $62.77 from Wertz Hardware for zip ties for signs and $250 for election buttons and stickers from Creative Labels. Expenditures included $2,092.50 from Triple A Signs for signs and $796.52 from VPP Industries Inc. for campaign handouts and business cards.

Committee to Elect Paul Reece for Sheriff, deputy treasurer Denise Reece, reported $970 total funds available, $970 in contributions and $1,002.11 in expenditures with $32.11 in outstanding debts.

Contributions included $500 from Timothy Arnold, $70 from George or Jennifer Anstine and $400 from Mike Jackson,

Expenditures included $675.60 for office supplies and $106.99 for a computer program from Staples, $114.35 from U.S. Postal Service for stamps, $118.25 from Easterling Studios for photos and $96.24 from Walmart for a cell phone.

Friends of Mark Williams, treasurer Mark Williams, reported $16,380 total funds available; $3,380 monetary contributions; $13,000 forwarded from last campaign; $4,809.67 in expenditures and $11,570 balance on hand.

Contributions included $3,000 from Diana Wright, $50 from Jena Powell, $25 from David Williams, $10 from Beth Chavarria, $25 from Candace Mitchem, $20 from Karyn Tkach, $100 from Judy Williams, $50 from Joe Elam, $50 from Timothy Frank and $50 from Brandi Frank.

Expenditures included $277 for website from Wix, $199.31 for ads from Facebook, $575.97 from Vistaprint for literature, $2,654.44 from Ohio Signs for signs, $360 for a walk app from Ecanvasser, $684.32 from CoriGraphics for printing, $4.25 from Walmart for paper, $40.65 from Staples for name badges and $13.73 from PayPal for aggregated processing fees.

Westfall for Commissioner, Larry Menker treasurer, reported $3,395 in total monetary contributions, $9,246.53 in expenditures and $10,000 in outstanding loans owed by the committee.

Contributions included $100 from Steve and Gail Stanley, $200 from Elizabeth and Michael Gutmann, $100 from Karen Rodgers, $200 from Stemelcar LLC, $100 from Douglas Hemm, $200 from Peggy Minnich, $50 from Billy and Cheryl Chaney, $50 from Walter Frauenberger, $50 from Diane Miley, $200 from Michael Treon, $250 from Timothy Francis, $100 from Brad and Lisa Bixler, $100 from Fred and Brenda Minnich, $75 from James and Kelly McMaken, $25 from Ryan and Stephanie Ratermann, $35 from Bradley and Natalie Rohlfs, $50 from Jack and Mary Jo Berry, $100 from Todd Severt, $100 from James and Judith Kaster, $300 from James and Carolyn Taylor, $100 from Karl Wilson, $300 from Cheryl Jett, $10 from Elizabeth Rindler, $50 from John and Ann Frigge, $100 from Kevin and Beth Ann Miller, $100 from William and Ashley Lutz, $250 from Greg and Alissa Blankenship and $100 from Linda Daniel.

In-kind donations include $200 for space rental from Connor Haren from Haren’s Market and $150 in transportation and gas from Fred Minnich for signage placement.

Expenditures included $168.00 from Loretta’s Country Kitchen for fundraiser, $3,496.33 for signs from Piqua Signs, $67.41 from Tractor Supply for sign posts, $3,016 for advertising from Huntington Outdoor, $620 for social media advertising from Dream It Digital LLC, $948.79 for designer for letterfold and postcards and $850 for video and social advertising from Dream It Digital.

Ted Mercer, $0.

Dixon for Commissioner, treasurer Joyce Zollers, reported $2,505.98 for in-kind contributions made with no other contributions or expenditures listed. W. McGregor Dixon Jr. provided in-kind contributions for $234.66 from Staples for business cards and documents, $550 from U.S. Postal Service for stamps, $52.14 from Meijer for envelopes, $34.24 from Dollar General for envelopes and $1,583.60 from Western Ohio Graphics for yard signs.

Simmons 4 Commissioner, treasurer Patricia Simmons, reported $1,800 total contributions, $13,901.39 in other income, $15,759 total funds available, $9,140.20 in expenditures and $8,582.59 in outstanding loans.

Contributions included $500 from Jean Dugan, $500 from Brian Dugan, $100 from Edward Witte, $200 from Stephen Lord, $50 from Ernest Parker Jr., $200 from Amy Simmons and $250 from Anthony Kendell.

Greg Simmons reported $5,500 for a personal loan and Patricia Simmons reported $3,082.59 for a personal loan. CoriGraphics had $596.44 and $4,172.95 in refunds and Jason Moorman also reported a refund of $550 in the other income statements.

Expenditures included $1,775 for social media to Jason Moorman, $1,744.50 for campaign signs from Triple A Signs, $28.45 for campaign account checks from Mutual Federal and $5,592.25 for campaign fliers from CoriGraphics Inc.

Committee to Elect Joe Gibson County Commissioner, treasurer Sonia Gibson, reported $6,206.07 in monetary contributions and $4,942.90 in expenditures.

Contributions included $4,506.07 from Joe Gibson, $500 from Steven Bruns, $100 from Stanley Evans, $250 from Andrew Johnston, $250 from Lenne Brosh, $250 from Michael Jackson, $150 from Citizens for Bill Beagle and $200 from Rick Heinl.

Expenditures included $80 for filing fee for petitions, $76.87 for sign posts from Menards, $94.88 for zip ties from Lowe’s, $335 from Vital Signs for billboard in Troy, $4,271.07 for campaign signs and literature from Western Ohio Graphics, $30.08 from Office Depot for literature and mailer paper, $55 in postage from U.S. Postal Service.
Final campaign reports due April 24

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