President is guilty, needs impeached


To the Editor:

Been watching the impeachment trial. He is so guilty. Since so many Republican senators despise this president, you would think they would take this opportunity to get rid of him. But they seem to be brainwashed by this charlatan who lies daily about anything and everything. They are also frightened by his power and influence with many who are their own base.

Fear, not patriotic duty, rules their lack of character. I am halfway through “Warning” written by anonymous, who still works in the White House. Should be required reading for everyone before the next election. Regrettably, most folks that are Trump supporters that I know use Fox News to “inform” them of the “truth.”

How sad that so many are being so blinded that they are unable to see that Fox News is not news at all. Just propaganda feeding those that seem angry about a myriad of problems in their lives. I don’t think they take the time to look at the history of how dictators rise up and use lying as a chief instrument of deception to draw the discontented to believe distortions. We have a narcissist who wants to be a dictator. In his rallies, he schmoozes his audiences, telling them he is protecting them from a myriad number of evils perpetrated by the other side. He is adept at dividing this nation into factions, of stoking hatred to achieve his personal gain of both money and power.

He is a con man devoid of principles and only intent on his own victory no matter what damage to our democracy. Of course, you might be tempted to find Trump solely at fault. But he is not. Each voter that has failed to examine the man’s history and proclivity to be manipulated when uninformed, who has allowed some shallow personal discontent with our government — unwilling to research the actual truth — to anger them and thus having a knee jerk reaction, an emotional response that is viscerally provoked … well, those type of voters who pulled the lever for Trump bear the greater weight of guilt for their shallow response.

Other writers might end with a cry of “God help us!” Yeah, right. “Mr. Do Nothing, Say Nothing” seems to enjoy watching humankind throughout history cascading themselves into ravines of writhing pain and anguish. The only obvious love god seems to have is inflicting pain on most and elevating narcissistic pain givers into positions of power.

I am bewildered daily how so many are afraid to admit that if a god be, he is quite the manipulator himself … somehow making so many afraid of him, that they adamantly refuse to contemplate that his true nature might be the antithesis of holiness. Like seeing redeeming values in Fox and the president without any obvious factual backup, folks revel in their religious beliefs undaunted by a review of the lack of specific tangible facts to which their beliefs might be welded. I sigh and sit back and watch the mayhem.

— Robert Matthew Di-Angelo


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