Prioritize repairs and maximize payback


By Kathy Henne

Contributing columnist

Time to sell your home? You’ll find there are many considerations when deciding on the asking price. Your trusted real estate professional will provide you with information regarding the current market and what similar homes are selling for and at what prices homes in your area are NOT selling for. The homes that are just sitting on the market getting stale and shop worn. However, your agent won’t decide the asking price. Your agent will give you guidance, but you will choose the price. Then your agent will decide if they are willing to spend their time and money on marketing the property at that price.

Condition is of utmost importance – it’s a significant variable when buyers compare your home against others. Don’t be tempted to try to take the easy way out. Make the repairs or improvements your agent suggests to have the buyers choose your home over the others in the local market.

You’ve heard it before – image is everything! If your home doesn’t look as good as or better than the competition, you’re setting yourself up for low ball offers. Buyers look for the best value for their money, and your home should display your pride of ownership.

Take time now to prioritize your repairs to maximize your pay back. Take care of the big stuff first and then focus on minor cosmetic repairs.

History shows that buyers offer $2 less for every $1 in needed repairs. So if you don’t make the needed repairs, you’ll end up loosing money in the long run. You’ll either end up receiving no offers or offers so low you can’t accept them. Take a professional’s advice and fix it now or pay big later.

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