Project costs continue to rise; Troy Council increases bidding authorizations, approve re-appropriations


By Sam Wildow

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TROY — The costs of city projects continue to rise as the Troy City Council, on Monday, approved increasing the bidding authorizations and going to bid for projects higher than what was previously budgeted. As part of those approvals, the council also approved a re-appropriation ordinance detailing the funds that will cover those extra costs.

The council approved advertising for bids for the City Hall HVAC Upgrade Project at a cost not to exceed $430,000, which was higher than the budgeted amount of $350,000.

“This equipment has exceeded the life design, and maintenance costs are increasing with parts becoming difficult to obtain,” said council member William Twiss, who is also a member of the Buildings and Utilities Committee. “Funds are available within the fund balances wherein the project is allocated.”

The council also approved increasing the authorization for the Hobart Arena Roof Replacement Project from $670,000 to $800,000 The council previously authorized the city to seek bids for the roof replacement in February. These areas of the roof have not been replaced in approximately 20 years, and these improvements were not part of the renovation that was done to Hobart Arena approximately six years ago.

The council then authorized increasing the bidding authorization amount for the Miami Shores Golf Course Shed Structure project from $100,000 to $112,000.

According to a memo from City Auditor John Frigge to the Troy City Council, the city is accommodating these extra costs through additional appropriations in various city funds included in the re-appropriation ordinance that was also approved on Monday.

Some of those additional appropriations include:

• An additional appropriation of $374,900 in the general fund to provide for the purchase of a new ambulance and the repair of the police elevator. An additional amount of $2,214,000 was also transferred from the general fund to the following funds: $2,073,000 to the capital improvement fund; $111,000 to the Miami Shores fund; and $30,000 to the newly created Robinson Reserve Fund.

• An additional appropriation of $8,575 in the income tax fund to provide for additional funding for the cost of the City Hall HVAC system.

• An additional appropriation of $3,666,827 in the capital improvement fund to provide for the following: $2,948,126 for the West Main Street duct bank project; $45,700 for the City Hall HVAC system; $180,001 for the Madison Street lift station project; and $493,000 for Buckeye House renovations. The Buckeye House renovations will also be funded by Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) revenues.

• An additional appropriation of $358,444 in the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) fund to provide funds for the South Stanfield reconstruction project.

• An additional appropriation of $130,000 in the Hobart Arena fund to provide funding for the roof work.

• An additional appropriation of $408,886 in the stormwater fund to provide $400,311 for the South Stanfield, duct bank, and Madison lift station projects. The appropriation also includes $8,575 for the City Hall HVAC system.

• An additional appropriation of $260,464 in the water fund to provide for the following: $136,889 for the South Stanfield project; $115,000 for additional paving; and $8,575 for the the City Hall HVAC system.

• An additional appropriation of $4,136,474 in the sewer fund to provide additional funds for the following: $4 million for the Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion project; $127,899 for the South Stanfield project; and $8,575 for the the City Hall HVAC system.

• An additional appropriation of $112,000 in the Miami Shores fund to provide funds for the cost of a storage shed.

Also on Monday, the council authorized submitting a $16.1 million loan application to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fund the construction cost of upgrading city of Troy’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. The expansion of the facility will allow the facility to treat up to 9.6 million gallons of wastewater per day, up from the current capacity of 7 million gallons per day. The project will include a blower replacement, piping and equipment modifications, replacement of pumps, and various electrical and instrumentation improvements. The design of the improvements is 90% complete, and a project permit is currently under review by the Ohio EPA.

Council member Todd Severt, who is also the chairman of the Finance Committee, said the city plans to submit a loan application for a term of 20-30 years with an interest rate of 0.65%. The loan application has to be submitted at least 60 days prior to the project bid opening.

The city is also hoping to offset those costs with grants from the Economic Development Administration and the State Water and Wastewater Grant Program with those applications being for grants of $4.1 million and $6 million, respectively. A final determination of those grants is pending, according to the Finance Committee report.

Other legislative items approved on Monday include a resolution applying for CDBG allocation funds and a resolution authorizing a CHIP partnership agreement Miami County and the city of Piqua. The council also authorized ordinances involving replats of inlots. For more information on those replats, visit the city’s website at

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