Prosecutor’s Office protocol adjusts to COVID-19


MIAMI COUNTY — With the precautions relating to the COVID-19 state mandates, the Miami County Prosecutor’s Office is taking the business of criminal justice one day at a time.

Miami County Prosecutor Anthony Kendell said he cancelled Thursday’s grand jury session due to many jurors calling into the Prosecutor’s Office with concerns. Kendell said he plans on continuing to hold grand jury sessions, which are closed to the public, in the large courtrooms in the Miami County Municipal Court to spread jurors out for social distancing.

“In the future however and depending on what plan of action the Common Pleas Courts comes out with, I plan on cutting the cases down to only those that are absolutely necessary,” Kendell said Thursday. “Moreover, grand jury will be held in one of the big courtrooms so I can spread all of the jurors out to maintain social distancing.”

Pending the Miami County Common Pleas Court’s decision, Kendell said he’ll rotate his office staff in shifts in hopes to reduce the chance of the entire office being exposed, placed in quarantine and having to potentially shut down the office completely.

Some staff members will be working on case files at home in the interim, he said.

“These plans are tentative at best and will likely change in a manner consistent with the changes we are bound to be face with as things unfold,” Kendell said.


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