Protecting Social Security


During his campaign, President Trump promised to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He has broken that promise over and over.

The Trump Administration’s budget proposes a $75 billion cut to Social Security Disability Insurance, and that’s on top of their plan that will make it harder for people with disabilities to get the Social Security support they need. The Trump Administration wants to make Ohioans jump through bureaucratic hoops and complete more unnecessary paperwork, while wasting taxpayer money in the process.

More than half a million Ohioans rely on SSDI or on Supplemental Security Income, another program that helps disabled Ohioans make ends meet. There is already a large backlog of people waiting to get approved. In 2017, more than 10,000 Americans died while waiting for SSDI benefits to begin. And now the administration wants to conduct an additional 2.6 million case reviews over the next decade.

Instead of going after CEOs that move money around to cheat on their taxes, or corporations that rip people off, the Administration decided the best use of taxpayer money is to cut benefits and make sure that Ohioans with cancer or cystic fibrosis fill out some more forms.

There’s no reason to do this other than cruelty.

Last month, the President let slip Republicans’ plan – after their tax handouts to billionaires and corporations blew up the deficit, they plan to pay for it by cutting Social Security and Medicare.

President Trump wants to pay for his corporate tax cuts on the backs of working families and seniors. We know that’s always been the corporate crowd’s preferred method to deal with the deficit – steal the money Americans have paid in to Social Security and Medicare.

We won’t let them get away with it.

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Sen. Sherrod Brown

Guest columnist

Sherrod Brown is a U.S. senator, representing Ohio. You may contact him at his office in Cleveland, 801 W. Superior Ave., Suite 1400, Cleveland, OH 44113. You may call his office at 216-522-7272 or 1-888-896-6446.

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