Protesters gather against vaccine mandate


People hold up signs protesting vaccine mandates by private companies. The protesters gathered at the intersection of S Ohio Avenue and Court Street on Saturday, Aug 7 during the Farmers Market. The protest was organized nurses Alyssa Jennings, of Sidney, and Kelli Gordon, of Piqua. Jennings said, “We believe in medical freedom and personal choices. We’re both being mandated to get the vaccine in the next couple of months or we will be fired from our jobs.” Gordon said, “I have been a nurse for 27 years. As nurses we support patients’ rights. We support the individual choice to take the vaccine but not the mandate.” Jennings continued, “I’ve been a nurse for 2-years and I have worked Covid since the shutdown. We worked countless hours without proper protective equipment, being exposed everyday. My body has its own natural immunity. We thank our community for the endless support of our right to choose.” Gordon finished with, “We’re standing up to end the mandates for everyone not just health care.”

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