Public Power, Fire Prevention Weeks announced in Tipp City


TIPP CITY — Tipp City Mayor Mike McFarland announced two proclamations Monday evening during the Tipp City Council meeting regarding Public Power Week and Fire Prevention Week.

McFarland proclaimed the week of Oct. 2-8, 2022, will be Public Power Week in the city of Tipp City.

According to the mayor Tipp City Electric is valuable to the community of Tipp City due to the contributions to the well being of local citizens through energy efficiency and more. He also said it is a “dependable and trustworthy institution” that continues to make Tipp City a better place to live and work and continues to do its best to help protect the local environment.

The mayor’s proclamation of Public Power Week is to recognize the hard work Tipp City Electric does to provide for the city.

McFarland made a second proclamation during the meeting announcing that the week of Oct. 9-15, 2022, will be Fire Prevention Week.

City Council and fire department hope Fire Prevention Week will encourage Tipp City residents to practice fire safety by checking their smoke alarm batteries, ensuring everyone living in the home knows a planned escape route and practicing that escape route. McFarland reminded citizens that “fire won’t wait, plan your escape.” Statistics shows that individuals and families that have practiced escape routes and fire emergency plans are more likely to survive a house fire.

Tipp City Fire Chief Cameron Haller was in attendance to receive the mayor’s proclamation Monday evening.

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