Re-elect Greg Simmons for commissioner


To the Editor:

As a retired deputy sheriff of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office, with 50 years of service, and past president of the Miami County Fraternal Order of Police in Miami County, I am asking the citizen of Miami County to re-elect Greg Simmons as commissioner of Miami County.

I have known Greg Simmons for over 30 years and he has proven to me that he has and will continue to serve as Commissioner of Miami County with integrity and dedication.

I believe commissioner Greg Simmons believes in doing the right thing for the citizens of Miami County when making decisions as a Miami County Commissioner.

Please re-elect Greg Simmons commissioner of Miami County, a person who is honest, sincere and dedicated in the position that you, the voters, elected him to serve as Miami County Commissioner.

— Billie J. Ray

Retired Deputy Sheriff of the Miami County Sheriff’s Office

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