Re-elect Sheriff Duchak


To the Editor:

As the election draws closer one can only hope that you know your facts before heading to the polls. It is my honor to write this letter for the re-election of Sheriff Dave Duchak. I believe that Sheriff Duchak is the most qualified candidate for the position of sheriff of Miami County.

Sheriff Duchak has work hard along side of the county commissioners for a 3 percent pay increase to maintain a great group of dupities to serve the Miami County. The 3 percent annual increase is the largest granted by the commissioners since the 2008-09 economic downturn. The commissioners said they thought it was important to increase employee pay to help keep from losing them to other counties and municipalities that may pay more.

Sheriff Duchak has been very instrumental in working with the county to maintain the highest level of security for the county, county employees and the great citizens of Miami County by installing a state of the art security check point. Sheriff Duchak has also worked along side of his deputies and local school districts to increase the security and protection of our educators and the future of Miami County by adding full time resource officer’s in our great school districts of Miami County.

I couldn’t think of a better person to be the sheriff of this great county than Sheriff Duchak. Re-elect Sheriff Dave Duchak.

— Tom Lillicrap


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