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To the editor:

I was unable to attend the City Council meeting on 10/31/2022 but I watched the entire video the next day. As someone with limited mobility, the closed sidewalk and the inability to use so many parking spaces downtown has been a concern for nearly 3 years.

To say I was astounded to hear Mayor Oda’s claims of having been bullied Monday night is putting it lightly. You see, I well remember the meeting on January 18, 2021, where a discussion was planned to discuss the placement of an inappropriate sign outside of City Hall. I remember the vast numbers of people who came to this meeting from well outside of our area, some as far as Cincinnati, who talked about how Mayor Oda contacted them to ask for support. I remember being surrounded by a group of women and being called names, having papers snatched from me and I remember one gentleman whispering that I would regret saying anything. And I remember that not even one of the people doing these things was a resident of Troy.

What I don’t remember is anyone from the city addressing these behaviors. I don’t remember our Police Chief being concerned that our County Health Director expressed having been threatened by some in the crowd prior to updating the council on the pandemic.

Bullying is not being an informed resident and using the proper channels to ensure elected officials know your position. In fact, a thank you from me to each of the residents who waited for the opportunity to express their concerns. You are valued.

Further, bullying is not the City Council President making a statement to ensure that residents are aware of facts pertaining to the issue. We have spent nearly 3 years not getting the whole story here, and President Lutz was making it clear that he shares in this concern.

That was informed, caring residents, and that was leadership from President Lutz on Monday evening. Perhaps it’s time for some real honesty now to explain why our city leadership is attempting to use excessive amounts of taxpayer money to help a private citizen destroy a once beautiful building instead of enforcing the city code from the very beginning. And perhaps we need to recognize the claims of bullying for what they are, gaslighting dramatics.

Aimee Shannon, LSW


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