Reader offended by lack of following mandates


To the Editor:

I find it very offensive that the city of Troy does not follow the requirements given to us by our governor and the Miami County Health Commissioner. They are trying to help us find the light at the end of the tunnel. Troy feels they are much more informed and are more important and therefore justified to do a better job ignoring the mandates of the governor and commissioner.

I guess you, the leaders of our community, do not need the vaccine because you feel no threat to get COVID-19. This will be good for the rest of us who are working to find an opportunity to get the vaccine.

I would also like to address the council and the mayor regarding DORA. How can you honestly think it wise for citizens to carry alcoholic drinks around the streets of downtown Troy. What kind of example does this send to our families who take their children downtown, to the students using The Rec, and having our police department to keep the drinkers from over-imbibing. It was voted down once, so you have to adjust it and give it another chance. No is never enough? It is not important what other cities are doing, what is important is what we are doing in Troy.

You are elected officials and need to remember you are put in office by a majority and assume you will want your office again.

— Nancy Frantz


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