Reader reflects, sends love


To the editor:

When I was younger, as you older folks can attest, life felt eternal. As such, the potential was endless also. I wanted to become proficient/skilled at all there was to learn…to travel, garnishing my life with the memories. Living with obsessive-compulsive personality disorder eventually trimmed those desires drastically. My ginormous to-do list waits on that speculative “eternity”. In addition, I came to realize that though people were pleasant enough socially, my efforts at friendships were rebuffed. Having few facts to tally the reasons why, I certainly to not want to cast aspersions on anyone. But I must tell you that the phrase “if you want friends, be friendly” (something like that) is, in my opinion, B.S. I suspect there are many people who put themselves out there who are used, abused and tossed aside. The landscape of life is daunting. Too many must not only jump over the endless potholes, but also the sinkholes of people emotionally devoid of control, insight, self-reflection. My definition of a friend has not been met by anyone. Thankfully, I am not a lonely person. Validation is not something I have sought for a very long time. Counting one’s blessings daily, wishing individuals and the world masses to have AT LEAST as much as I have… and more…that is my focus in life. Faith that an ultimate purpose will be revealed sits quietly on the mantel of expectations. The challenge in writing about oneself is in finding the words that brush the canvas one is painting in such way as to be unambiguous. Is humility possible in a world of opinions so prolific and panoptic? Boundless love to Troyians as this year winds down.

Robert Matthew Di-Angelo


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