Real estate transactions



James Bryant, executor, Estate of Leona Jeanette Bryant, AKA Jean Bryant, AKA Leona J. Bryant, to M&I Development LLC, one lot, $210,000.

Faye J. Adams to Faye J. Adams trustee and Adams Family revocable living trust, 8.26 acres, $0.

Diana Harris and Larry Harris to Connor Boyd and Drew Boyd, two lots, $270,000.

Janice Lawrence and Thomas Lawrence to Jacob Sunkel and Kimberlee Sunkel, four lots, $355,000.


Nicole Wood to Charles Roberts and Linda Roberts, one part lot, $85,000.

Estate of Velma Ingle, AKA Velma Ingle, and Jordon E. Ingle, executor, to Kurt Locker and Pamela Locker, two lots, $30,000.


Sally Rudy to David Roecker and Rebecca Roecker, one lot, $433,000.


Gary Shope and Pamela Shope to Amy Shope and Jason Shope, 3 acres, $240,000.


Robin Martin to Dennis Ayres Jr. and Misty Ayres, two lots, $285,000.

NVR Inc. to Stephanie Halfacre and Stewart Halfacre, two lots, $410,400.

NVR Inc. to Adam Laugle and Jeannette Laugle, two lots, $386,100.


Richard Baker to Diane Granberg and Jaxon Granberg, two part lots, $75,000.


Thomas Cooper to Laurie Cooper and Thomas Cooper, 17.561 acres, $0.


Stevee Werling to Allison Gearhart, 1.044 and 0.398 acres, $200,000.

June Miller to Casey Rodriguez and Sergio Rodriguez, 0.734 acres, $312,500.

David Rogers II and Vicki Rogers to Michael Johnson and Sarah Johnson, one lot, $250,000.


Nancy Willis to Allen Forsythe and Lisa Forsythe, one lot, $190,000.


Bryan Brenner to Steven Wehrley, two lots, $111,000.

Teeters Real Estate Investments LLC to Janice Rhoades and Kevin Rhoades, one lot, $25,000.

Linda Anderson and Michael Anderson to Chelsea Reedy and Matthew Reedy, one lot, $243,900.

Dixie Huff and Glenwood Huff to Brian Schlosser, one part lot, $1,000.

Curtis Locker III and Kimberly Locker, FKA/AKA Kimberly Schaaf, to Tarrah Popp, one lot, $116,000.

REO LLC to Bid Bay 6 LLC, one part lot and one lot, $51,200.

Cheryl Herbe, Jerome A. Herbe Jr., Brent Schneider, Christie Schneider, Sondra Schneider, and Thomas Schneider to Steven Loomis, one lot, $90,000.

Ronald Miller and Tina Miller to Alyssa Cole and Douglas Cole, one lot, $55,000.

Alyssa Cole and Douglas Cole to Angela Cline and Joshua Cline, one part lot, $70,000.


Daniel Markley and Macey Markley to Krystal Bauman and Alex Layman, two lots, $120,000.

Jacob Forsythe and Lisa Forsythe to Cheryl Kenworthy, one part lot, $236,000.

Estate of Larry E. Lavey and Lori Smith, executor, to Andrew Bunn, one lot, $95,000.


Melinda Fisher, Randall Craig Fisher, Beth Diane Van Riper, and Victor Jerome Van Riper to Coral Matus, Edward Matus, Nova E. Stickley revocable trust, Dennis Stickley, Karen Stickley, and Nova E. Stickley trustee, three part lots, $408,500.


Estate of Carl E. Smith to Shelba Smith, one parcel, $0.


Asha Vyas trust and Asha Vyas trustee to Firuddin Shakhbazov, one lot, $615,000.

Joshua Lucas and Stacy Lucas to McMullen revocable trust, one lot, $0.

Joshua Lucas and Stacy Lucas to DBR Investments LTD., two lots, $0.

Michael Howell to William Minott Gaillard and Michael Howell, two part lots, $0.

Connor Boyd and Drew Boyd to Joshua Studebaker, one lot, $159,500.


Estate of Martha Woolery and Kent William Woolery, executor, to Julia Welbaum, one lot, $127,000.

Miami County Recovery Council Inc. to TCN Behavioral Health Services Inc., one part lot and two lots, $270,500.

June Lombardo AKA June Montgomery to June Montgomery trust and June Montgomery trustee, five part lots and seven lots, $0.

Surya Properties LLC to Darold Spicer, one lot, $108,900.

Carol Overmyer and Martin Overmyer to Elizabeth Taylor and James Taylor, one lot, $265,000.

Linda Roth to Kathryn Roetter, one lot, $0.

Shirley Hynes and Thomas Hynes to Jennifer Welker and Russell Welker, one lot, $135,000.

Jamie Murphy to Benjamin Allen and Nicole Allen, one lot, $229,000.

Estate of Edward L. Dye and Chad Dye, executor, to Jeffery Fremont, one lot, $33,600.

Matthew Erwin to Darrin Dunaway, one lot and two part lots, $163,000.

Troy Development Council Inc. to Ryan Filbrun, one lot, $194,600.


Jessica Grile, FKA, and Jessica Weikert to Bonnie Gregg and Randall Gregg, 1.500 acres, $177,500.

Estate of Don G. Wolf, AKA Don Gifford Wolf, and Sarah Webber, trustee, to Jerry Dye and Mary Dye, 5.376 acres, $279,000.


Robin Trisel to Joseph Dow Ford and Rebecca Faith Ford, 5.684 acres, $382,500.


Kathleen Booher and Stephen Booher, attorney-in-fact, to Deborah McFadden, one lot, $169,000.

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