Real estate transactions



• Estate of Charles Burt and William Eric Burt executor to Angela Clayton, one lot, $82,000.

• Estate of Michael Malone Sr. to Rebecca Malone, one part lot, $0.

• Debra Bensman, James Bensman, Beverly Gehle, Denise Gehle, Leonard Gehle, Lloyd Gehle, Lisa Graham and Paul Graham to Edward Symons, one lot, $88,000.

• Gloria Smith FKA Gloria Riley and Jeffrey Smith to Sharda Lewis, one lot, $132,800.

• Brenda Arrington, Daniel Arrington, Larry Blankenship, Maureen Blankenship, Robert Blankenship, William Blankenship, Pamela Chavis, Deborah McCormick, Jeffrey McCormick, Kandace Shipman, Thomas Shipman, and Joyce White to John Leonard and Trista Semmel, one lot, $125,000.

• Stephen Hurley Jr. AKA Steve Hurley Jr. and Tammy Hurley to Stephen Hurley Jr. and Tammy Hurley, one lot, $0.

• Red Door Investment Properties LLC to Kevin Calvert, one part lot, $145,000.

• Estate of Ruth Chesnut and Patricia Rehmart executrix to Robert Potter, one lot and one part lot, $113,000.

• Gary Hughes and Lillie Willis NKA Lillie Hughes to Karen Diaz Chavez and Sergio Martinez Ruiz, two part lots, $132,000.

• Jon Furrow and Sherry Furrow to Ariana Medina Ramirez and David Daniel Vargas Pardo, one lot, $124,000.


• Scott Barhorst to Jill Barhorst, one lot, $0.

• Raysun Investments LLC to Michael Hamm and Traci Hamm, one lot, $341,800.

• HSTD Properties LLC to Manisha LLC, one lot, $600,000.

• Linda Hopsecker to Kimberly Hopsecker, one lot, $0.

• Kimberly Hopsecker to Deborah Gambrel and Del Gambrel, one lot, $69,700.

• 3 Gen D LLC to Denlinger & Sons Builders LTD, one lot, $69,900.

• Creative Real Estate Investments LTD to Ruby Properties LLC, two lots, $464,000.

• Patricia Harshbarger Revocable Trust, Patricia Harshbarger trustee and Third Amended Harshbarger Revocable Trust to Redwood Troy Arthur Road OH Pl LLC, one lot, $698,000.

• Halifax Land Company LLC to Ashley Staudt and Joseph Staudt, two lots, $99,900.

• Emily Keiser and Lukas Keiser to Dennis Loomis Sr. and Karla Loomis, one part lot, 179,900.

• Kimberly Morris FKA Kimberly Russell to Charlene Reeder Irrevocable Trust, Tamra Price co-trustee and Tracy Ries co-trustee, one lot, $160,000.

• Jeremy Estes and Krista Estes to Nada Elakad and Yehya Kheireldin, one lot, $313,900.

• Habitat for Humanity of Miami and Shelby Counties, Ohio to Eric Dilley and Larry Dilley, one lot, $55,900.

• Robin Schmidt Pearson FKA Carroll Robin Brideweser successor co-trustee, Rhoda and Herbert Schmidt Trust, and Timothy Schmidt successor co-trustee to Donna Fitzpatrick, one lot, $205,000.

• Halifax Land Company LLC to Suzanne Walker, one lot, $59,900.

• Halifax Land Company LLC to David and Cynthia Long Revocable Living Trust and Cynthia Long trustee, one lot, $59,900.

• Halifax Land Company LLC to Gloria Lamoreaux, one lot, $35,900.

• Halifax Land Company LLC to Colleen Betz and Victor Betz, one lot, $41,900.

• Halifax Land Company LLC to Elaine Estepp and James Estepp, one lot, $52,900.

• Brett Donald Albertini and Candace Danae Albertini to Ryan Sekas, one lot, $195,000.

• Cathleen Counts FKA Cathleen Johnston to Thomas Johnston, one lot, $0.

• Christopher Ruark and Kristina Ruark to Heidi Marie Spaide, one lot, $385,000.

• Marr Family Irrevocable Trust and Michael Rhynard trustee to Terry Bush Investments LLC, one lot, $119,600.

• Harlow Builders Inc. to Carl Hayden and Sandra Hayden, one lot, $364,500.

Union Township

• Elizabeth Oliver FKA Elizabeth Kniesly to Michael Kniesly Jr., 2.8384 acres, $0.

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