Real estate transactions


Bethel Township

• Michael Wilson to Erica Stanley and Michael Stanley, 1.614 acres, $435,000.

• Kathy Barney and Randy Barney to Kathy Barney and Randy Barney, 30.362 acres, $0.

• Marlene Flory to Countryside Unlimited LLC, 1 and 3 acres, $310,000.

• Jennetta Grant and Timothy Grant to Christina Hope Falkenstein and Gregory Alan Grewe Jr., 3.021 acres, $365,000.

• Doris Jones and Jeffrey Jones to Dustin Moore and Rebecca Moore, two lots and one part lot, $145,300.

Brown Township

• Earl Wagner to PBMM Properties LLC, one lot, $0.

Concord Township

• Stonybrook Estates LLC to J and A Homes LLC, two lots, $133,800.

• Joseph Edward Luther and Joyce Ann Luther to James Cohee and Shelly Cohee, one lot, $256,000.


• Zachary Greenwald to Brittany Timmerman, one lot, $118,000.

• TNT Babylon LLC to Philip Smith, one lot, $153,000.

• Estate of Michael Benedict to Robert Benedict, two lots and three part lots, $0.

• Eric Burris and Tanya Burris to Jordan Bowman and Emma Kendig, one lot, $80,000.

• Kelly Deeter and Shanda Deeter to Aaron Flick, one lot, $18,000.


• Elizabeth Arnett and Shaun Arnett to Deanna Duffey and Jonathan Duffey, two lots, $110,000.

Huber Heights

• Corridor Development Company LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,000.

• Corridor Development Company LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $54,000.

• Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC and Dec Land Co. LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $56,500.

• NVR Inc. to Ronnie Tipton Jr., two lots, $377,200.

• David Scott Higginbotham trustee, Dorothy Jean HigginBotham trustee and HigginBotham Family Trust to Debra Lisath and Jeffrey Lisath, two lots, $335,000.

• Betty Hempy and Robin Terrell attorney-in-fact to John Armstrong and Susan Armstrong, two lots, $250,000.

• NVR Inc. to Chelsea Elizabeth Shorder and William John Shorder, two lots, $317,700.

Monroe Township

• Estate of Raymond Lewis Hicks to Jane Ellen Hicks, acreage, $0.

• David Moore and Kacey Moore to Todd Akemon and Mickey Huber, one lot, $238,000.

• Kristen Willis to Cathy Shrout and Von Shrout, one part, $155,000.

• Sarah Quinn FKA Sarah McKinney and Daniel Quinn to Marcus Scott and Sarah Scott, 1 acre, $205,500.

• Bruce Edward Cahill to Jarvis Alexander IV and Kylie Alexander, one lot, $407,000.

• Patricia Fleiszig-Adams to April Kirsch, one lot, $0.

Newberry Township

• Robb Properties LLC to Jeremy Yowler, 1.8755 acres, $250,000.

Newton Township

• Elizabeth Gilbert trustee and Jean Gilbert Irrevocable Trust to Daniel Gilbert, 5.014 and 7.702 acres, $0.

• Joellen Gates and Tyler Gates to Ricky Fisher, acreage, $255,000.


• Kara Hartley NKA Kara Jean Landers and Matt Hartley to Kara Jean Landers, three lots, $0.

• Allenbaugh Properties II LLC to Sistina Barnett, one lot, $84,500.

• Tracy Spurlock to Roy Howard, one part lot, $30,000.

• Gary Bolin and Rebecca Bolin to Dottie B LLC, two part lots, $0.

• Lonnie Starrett and Michele Starrett to Lisa Rupp, one lot, $450,000.

• Trae Honeycutt to James Dunn and Kristina Dunn, one lot, $121,000.

• Ralph Timothy Goetze to Paul Simmons, two part lots, $58,000.

• Queen Ma LLC to Carol Brewer and Larry Brewer, one lot, $968,000.

• Home Depot USA Inc. to JSR Piqua LLC, one lot, $400,000.

• Jordan Purk to Brittnie Yingst and Deron Yingst, two part lots, $144,900.

• Misty Fleming to Harry Fleming, one lot, $0.

Pleasant Hill

• Colin Jess Tackett and Kacie Marie Tackett to Charles Tackett, one part lot, $0.

• Kerry Norman to Lorrie Jane Beacom-Arnett and Troy Arnett, one lot, $225,000.

• Samuel Roth to Brian Rapp and Danita Rapp, one part lot, $23,000.

Springcreek Township

• Amanda Havenar to Joshua Havenar, 10 acres, $0.

• Jean Covault AKA Jean Eleanor Covault to Cathleen Ingle and Dennis Ingle, 25.809 and 5.863 acres, $0.

Staunton Township

• David Norman and Susan Norman to Donald Hildebrand and Lindsey Hildebrand, 2.065 acres, $0.

• David Norman and Susan Norman to David Norman and Susan Norman, 1.342 acres, $0.

Tipp City

• Talismanic Properties LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $61,000.

• Lewis Davis to Janice Tangeman, one lot, $179,000.

• Claire Timmer trustee to Shelby Watson and Tyler Watson, one lot, $285,000.

• Glenn Schober and Gloria Schober to Sara Barry and Thom Hausler, one lot and one part lot, $375,000.

• Michael Lightle and Susan Lightle to Timothy Brandon, one lot, $455,100.


• Danielle Beatty NKA Danielle McKeown and Justin McKeown to George Villalpando, one lot, $239,900.

• Becky Chaney, Debbie Chaney and Jeffrey Chaney to Gordon Gregg and Joyce Gregg.

• Kristen Parris attorney-in-fact and Linda West to George Alton Stubbs, one lot, $215,000.

• Constance Willis to Alexa Willis, one lot, $175,000.

• Teri Shearer and Teri Stivers to Teri Stivers, one lot, $0.

• Bogle Investments LLC to Mindy Peterson and Scott Peterson, one lot, $271,700.

• Cassondra Salazar and Christian Salazar to Lucy McAfee and Travis McAfee, one part lot, $265,000.

• Pierce Business Properties LLC to Jacob Paul, one lot, $260,000.

• Troy Hospitality Corporation to HSTD Properties LLC, one lot, $520,000.

Union Township

• Don Roberts trustee and Wilma Roberts Trust to Don Roberts LLC, acreage, 58.345 and 82.122 acres, $0.

• Don Roberts Trust NKA Don Roberts Revocable Trust and Don Roberts trustee to Don Roberts LLC, acreage, 78.334, 79.673, 58.345 and 82.122 acres, $0.

• Michael Kniesly Jr. to Deire Layman and Todd Layman, 2.8384 acres, $145,000.

• Mark Possert trustee to Ed Conley, 7.637 acres, $85,000.

Washington Township

• Dorothy Belle Francis Revocable Living Trust and Loren Francis Jr. trustee to Loren Francis Jr. Preservation Trust and Loren Francis Jr. trustee, 3.505 acres, $0.

West Milton

• Doris Ditmer and Michael Ditmer attorney-in-fact to Dan Baisden Jr. and Jessica Marie Baisden, one lot, $240,000.

• Stillwater Crossings LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $34,400.

• Connie Smith to David Michael Propst, one lot, $0.

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