Real estate transactions


Bethel Township

• Bryan Schenck and Lindsey Schenck to Bill Gay, 1 acre, $325,000.

• Jacquelyn Kay Wortman and Thomas Wortman AKA Thomas William Wortman to Jacquelyn Kay Wortman and Thomas Wortman AKA Thomas William Wortman, one lot, $0.

Concord Township

• Jo Ann Pence trustee and Wayne Pence trustee to Jo Ann Pence and Wayne Pence, 5.002 acres, $0.

• Phyllis Primm to Barbara Farrell, one lot and one part lot, $339,000.


• Gary McKee and Janice McKee to Callen Vanderhoff and Michelle Vanderhoff, 12 lots, $180,000.

• Graham Furrow and Kathryn Furrow to Elizabeth Swiger and Mathew Swiger, one lot, $135,000.

Elizabeth Township

• Kelly Markley and Kent Markley to Jonathan Wells and Tamara Wells, 10.002 acres, 1,075,000.

Huber Heights

• Nancy Ann Seiple to Daniel Dilworth MD and Nancy Ann Seiple, two lots, $0.

• D.R. Horton-Indiana LLC to Suditi Chhonkar AKA Suditi Chhonkar Saxena and Prateek Saxena, two lots, $326,100.

Newberry Township

• Cheryl Drees and Mark Drees to M&C Farm LLC, 10.002 and 65.736 acres, $0.


• Lydia Baker to 1607 Dover LLC, one ot, $108,000.

• Cathy Erwin and Scott Erwin to Heidi Sue Barga and Steve Barga, one lot, $5,000.

• David Peterson to Michelle Peterson, one lot, $0.

• Christine Latham and Scott Latham to Barbara Ann Hickey and Michael Kent Hickey, one lot, $300,000.

• Christine Copeland and Jeffrey Copeland to Christine Copeland and Jeffrey Copeland, one lot, $0.

• Debra Ross NKA Debra Greulich and Karl Greulich to Debra Greulich and Karl Greulich, two part lots, $0.

• Jean Routson and Michael Routson to Alisha Fenwick, one lot, $0.

• Jean Routson and Michael Routson to Julie Whitson, one lot, $0.

• Jean Routson and Michael Routson to Jennifer Routson, one lot, $0.

• Toni Chaney to Andrew Michael Haney and Brook Leigh Haney, one lot, $83,500.

Springcreek Township

• Beleta Young to Jacinta Helton, 1.022 acres, $17,000.

Tipp City

• Zakk Weichbrodt to Paige Weichbrodt and Zakk Weichbrodt, three lots, $0.

• Jesse Chamberlain III successor trustee to Jeff Luken, one lot, $235,500.

• NVR Inc. to Alicia Long and Tyler Long, one lot, $366,900.


• Billie Fausey AKA Billie Jo Fausey to Billie Fausey and Thomas Fausey, one lot and one part lot, $0.

• James Dellinger to Macauley Clayton, one lot, $74,900.

• S.M. O’Neal Construction LLC to Scott Heckman and Susanna Heckman, one lot, $392,800.

• Mary Louise Boss and William Boss III to ADM Real Estate Holdings LLC, one part lot, $184,000.

• James McDowell AKA James McDowell Sr. to James McDowell Jr. and Kimberly McDowell, one lot, $60,000.

• J&I Properties LLC to Juianna Miller, one lot, $70,000.

• Ginger Banks and Merlin Banks to Lewis Messer, four lots, $0.

• Jennifer Iverson NKA Jennifer Cruse and Kyle Cruse to Travis Kearns and Heather Welch, one lot, $169,900.

• Babu Paul and Jessy Paul to Don Iles and Jesse Lucas, one lot, $145,000.

Union Township

• Charles Knapp to Abigael Knapp and Charles Knapp, 5.005 acres, $0.

Washington Township

• Jean Whitson Routson and Michael Routson to Jill Berner, two lots, $0.

West Milton

• Debra Akers, James Akers AKA James Akers Jr., and Sheriff of Miami County, Ohio David Duchak to First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust, Wells Fargo Bank successor and Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota trustee, one lot, $99,000.

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