Reece is the best candidate for sheriff


To the editor:

I am delighted to express my enthusiastic endorsement for Paul Reese as the ideal candidate for the position of Sheriff of Miami County in the upcoming election. In this letter, I aim to emphasize the outstanding qualities that set Paul apart beyond the realm of politics, advocating for a candidate who embodies genuineness and trustworthiness.

Paul is an extraordinary individual who has not only established himself as a distinguished professional but has also proven to be an exceptional friend to me and many others. A devoted family man, Paul extends the same dedication to his friends and community. What distinguishes him is his commitment to relationships; he goes above and beyond to ensure others know he is there for them, readily offering support and assistance.

Having had the privilege of knowing Paul for several years, I have witnessed his unwavering dedication, exceptional work ethic, and an amazing commitment to excellence. His consistent demonstration of exceptional skills, deep understanding in leadership, and Paul stands strong in his beliefs.

What sets Paul apart from many is beyond his professional achievements. Paul’s personal qualities make him a treasured friend. His warmth, empathy, and readiness to go the extra mile for others have made a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to know him.

I am wholeheartedly recommending Paul for the position of Miami County Sheriff, I affirm that his unique combination of skills, character, and unwavering dedication will make him an invaluable asset. I am confident that he will excel in any endeavor he undertakes.


Sara L. Hershey


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