Residents asked to step up to help


To the Editor:

My village resident friends: there is a national shortage of both EMT’S and paramedics throughout the USA. Our village is no different than other communities throughout our country.

Our EMT squad desperately needs volunteer EMT’S to, and fire department trainees, to fulfill the demand of both departments.

Please all able-bodied residents, new and elderly, volunteer your time, receive required training and become part of the life blood of our community.

I challenge all those able-bodied residents, to join in the line behind this 72-year-old Vietnam-era veteran of the USAF, and volunteer your services and become a trained EMT and trainee for our Pleasant Hill Department and EMT squad.

Fulfill a New Year’s resolution of planning to exercise more by rising from of the sofa, and fulfill your social responsibility to our community. Thank you.

— Mark Bradley

Pleasant Hill

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