Residents benefit from Council contract approvals


TIPP CITY — The Tipp City City Council passed two resolutions and a motion during its meeting on Monday, Feb. 6. Both resolutions and the motion will be beneficial to the improvement of Tipp City.

The first resolution passed unanimously by the council authorizes the City Manager Timothy Eggleston to enter into a new contract with American Municipal Power (AMP). This new contract includes the Advanced Metering Infrastructure Replacement Project at a cost of $2,700,848.

City staff brought this resolution before the council on Monday evening because the current system in the city is failing and will not support the city’s infrastructure much longer.

“Our AMI system is failing and the model that we have will not maintain the infrastructure anymore. We also noted that between Jan. 22 and 23, the upfront costs increased due to the supply and demand, I suppose, and the additional cost of production. The annual cost has also increased slightly. So we’ve gone from $98,000 a year to $108,000. Again, one of our reasons for going with AMP was the fact that they are part of the municipal system for us and they’re always going to be there when other vendors get bought out, they get merged and when that happens that more than likely it causes an issue with our system,” Eggleston explained.

“We kind of got caught in the middle here with the current system we’ve got not being supported anymore. Going with AMP was our best option of the three that submitted bids. We’re all familiar with AMP, we get a lot of our power and we purchase from AMP … We’re going to be with AMP for a while, they’re going to be around for a while, so it makes sense to go with their system so that everything ties together,” said Mayor Mike McFarland.

The second resolutions passed by the Tipp City City Council on Monday evening was to allow Eggleston to enter into a non-exclusive franchise/license agreement with Adventures on the Great Miami LLC for use of a municipal property known as Canoe Livery and the use of the boat ramp on the property.

This agreement will span from April 1, 2023 through October 2024. Adventures on the Great Miami LLC pays the city 5% of the gross receipts each year and is responsible for maintaining the property during this time.

“I would just like to say that I enjoy the service that we have from Great Miami, so thank you for doing that… I think that’s an asset for our community,” said Council President Kathryn Huffman.

Finally, the council carried a motion, 7-0, to authorize the City Police Chief Greg Adkins and Eggleston to sign an F2 permit application for the Downtown Tipp City Partnership for their March 17 community fundraiser event.

The fundraiser coincides with the St. Patrick’s Day run and Eggleston noted that the run does benefit the Downtown Tipp City Partnership.

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