Runaway Janes creates unique travel experiences for women


By Kimberly Pistone

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HOUSTON – Runaway Janes is a unique travel business dedicated to women. Owners Jessica Riesenbeck and Lisa Kindle are excited to bring their many years of travel experience to create a business model that focuses on giving women an opportunity to immerse themselves in new experiences, away from their normal day-to-day lives.

Runaway Janes’ mission is to create special travel experiences by providing opportunities for connection, friendship, conversation, and exploration by taking all the planning and coordinating into their hands, freeing travelers to feel special and indulged.

Each trip includes four to eight women over the age of 21, and lasts for an extended weekend. Riesenbeck and Kindle are on every trip, acting as tour guides.

Kindle said, “We see ourselves as facilitators, connecting women and giving them needed and deserved downtime.”

Runaway Janes never stay at hotels and avoid chain restaurants.

Riesenbeck said, “we like to do things that are unique and different, fun and quirky.” They always find accommodations that include a large living space as well as an outdoor space for gatherings.

They take the opportunity to explore the different local food options by visiting restaurants that the locals love, and preparing special meals at their base location.

“If it is food we can get at home, we don’t get it when we are on vacation,” Riesenbeck said.

Kindle said, “we found that most women are yearning for an opportunity to unplug from their personal hamster wheel, and we are allowing them an opportunity to immerse themselves in a new experience. New climate, new food, new connections.”

Runaway Janes has three trips planned for 2023: Santa Fe, New Mexico, Park City, Utah, and Terra del Mar, Oregon. Trips are all inclusive, except for airfare.

Some examples of the unique experiences they have planned include the Meow Wolf Museum, an interactive art experience in Santa Fe, paddleboard yoga on a hot spring crater (accessible to all levels of experience) in Park City, and visiting The Ghost Forest in Terra del Mar.

Riesenbeck and Kindle spend more than 30 hours planning each trip, connecting with the locals to find the best activities for their guests, and creating a fully unique experience.

Runaway Janes also strives to make each traveler feel special by providing a welcome box prior to the trip, and a photo book filled with memories after the trip. Their goal is for every traveler to return home feeling refreshed and recharged.

Learn more about Runaway Janes and their upcoming trips at

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