Safe roads, infrastructure are important


To the Editor:

This letter is in support of the upcoming street levy. This is a renewal levy, which will be voted upon on March 17, 2020. This levy generates approximately $1 million per year for streets. With these funds, the city has been able to complete projects on East Ash Street, County Road 25-A and Safe Routes to School. The city has also been able to complete nearly 120 miles of resurfacing for streets. Without these funds the city would only be able to perform routine maintenance, like pothole patching, not resurfacing.

Not very many people are excited about taxes. But, as a society, safe roads and safe infrastructure are extremely important and one of government’s roles is to provide protection for its citizens. To gain this protection, we must give up something, and that something is taxation.

The streets and roads are essential to everyday life in Piqua. We must keep them in good shape. We urge you to vote yes for the Street Levy on March 17.

— Dr. and Mrs. James S. Burkhardt


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