Salvation Army’s Hygiene Bank deserves support


To the editor:

Sometimes in this season of the year, we talk about being thankful. It is, I believe, much more difficult to transfer a feeling of thankfulness into action. I am pleased to announce a project that does exactly that.

In the fall of the year, the Southview Neighborhood Association of Piqua, proposed a project to benefit the Salvation Army’s Hygiene Bank. The Bank gives out personal hygiene products to those in need. The project collected funds through the month of September and October. The funds were matched with the help of an anonymous and beneficent friend.

Today, on behalf of the Southview Neighborhood Association, I was able to give the donation to this much needed project.

We are thankful to have contributions from the St. John’s Lutheran Church, members of the Southview Neighborhood Association and to the anonymous friend. The Hygiene Bank is a much needed project for our community and deserves our support.

James D. Vetter, President

Southview Neighborhood Association


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