School on the Rock returns with “The Little Mermaid”


DAYTON — We’ve got no troubles, life is the bubbles at Northridge High School, where School on the Rock performed Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” on April 27-29, according to a press release from School on the Rock.

Excited to be back on stage after waiting four years, homeschool students from Miami, Montgomery and Clark Counties captivated the audience with their phenomenal talents along with an amazing set and vibrant costumes.

Senior Selah Early said she “was thrilled to be back on stage after four years and how great the performances had been with so many new students.” She portrayed Ariel, after dreaming of playing that role for many years.

Senior Bethany Scott, who played Sebastian, said she felt “honored to be able to bring such fun songs and characters to life on the stage.” She enjoyed working with the cast and was grateful for all the hard work put into the show.

The show has been filled with all sorts of emotions, said the release, laughing, crying and feeling exhilarated to return after waiting so long. After performing shows since 2007, students were very disappointed when in the spring of 2020, while preparing to perform Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella,” COVID-19 put an end to their preparation and to the momentum they had built over the previous 13 years.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic left them without a place to practice or perform, but God remained faithful,” the release said. “After years of waiting, God opened all the right doors to allow them to return to the stage. School on the Rock students were excited to make their comeback on the stage of Northridge High School Theatre, which was their first performance in a theatre, and are so grateful for God’s grace and provision throughout this process.”

Alumni Megan Caupp, who taught choreography and mentored the students confirmed, “It was a joy to work with the students and to come back and help. Through each of these shows, we made precious memories that will last a lifetime.”

The cast includes Selah Early, Ty Caupp, Bethany Scott, Analeigh Harju, Chris Early, Lily Harju, Aliyah Early, Brady McKee, Emily Aldridge, Autumn Wackler, Caroline Harju, Isabel Jackson, Claire Clements, Eliana Jackson, Hannah Early, Claire Jones, Parker McKee, Jason Stern, Caleb Stern, Alexa Bayer, Emme Bayer, Luke Cornett, Josie Daniel, Koen Ellis, Isaiah Early, Josiah Early, Isabel Esposito, Miriam Esposito, Beth Mattingly, Grace Maxwell, Max Via, Jorie Witters, Mazie Witters, and Kami Wolf. The cast was supported by a group of alumni and dads including Bob Aldridge, Ian Blouch, Megan Caupp, Cameron Daniel, Jacob Early, Nathan Scott, Olivia Scott and Kevin Stern.

“The most common review of the show was that it exceeded all expectations,” said the release.

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