Seeking 3rd Ward seat


To the Editor:

My name is Nolan Campbell and I am a candidate for the 3rd Ward Piqua City Commission seat. Thus far in the campaign process, I have faced many obstacles, the largest being my age. I am currently a student at Piqua High School. Being such a young age does face its own challenges, but also comes with a unique insight and perspective.

In the summer of 2018, I moved to Piqua with my parents and currently reside in the Piqua-Caldwell Historic District, which happens to fall in the heart of the 3rd Ward. It is truly a special place to call home. Not being originally from Piqua, I see things not for what they have become but as what they are and Piqua is a hidden gem with untapped potential. I believe with the right representation, Piqua can grow to the city its citizens dream of it being.

Economic and downtown development is crucial to the success of a city and is at the forefront of my platform. Through the enactment and use of Community Reinvestment Areas (CRAs) and Neighborhood Development Areas (NDAs, Ohio Proposed S.B. 212), we can promote homeownership and make it a possibility for most citizens. Lowering the city’s homeowner versus tenant occupancy ratio, more economic development opportunities are likely to be presented to the city and its citizens making life better for you.

I humbly ask for your support at the November 2nd General Election. With your vote, together we can ensure economic success for you, your family, and all the future generations that will call Piqua home.

— Nolan Campbell

Candidate for 3rd Ward Commissioner, Piqua

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