Sex offender headed to prison again


MIAMI COUNTY — A Piqua man will spend eight years in prison for his three sex crimes involving minors.

Miami County Common Pleas Court Judge Stacy Wall this week sentenced Wayne Werling, 58, of Piqua, to serve two four-year sentences to be served consecutively for two counts of third-degree felony gross sexual imposition. There were two separate victims that were known to Werling. He was classified as a Tier II sex offender following the sentencing hearing.

The case was first reported in July 2018. The alleged abuse took place over the last two years. The victims told their mother about the abuse on July 1, 2018, and she then contacted police. The alleged abuse also took place at Werling’s residence in Piqua. The victims were under the age of 12 when the abuse was occurring.

Public defense attorney Jack Hemm said Werling was cooperative and asked for the 37 days of jail credit.

Werling did not make a statement on his own behalf. As part of the joint plea agreement, Miami County Assistant Prosecutor Janna Parker remained silent.

The minor victims were present. One female minor was able to read her statement to the court and the other had Lisa McClure, victim witness advocate, read hers after she became too overcome with emotion to speak.

One victim said to Werling, “You thought you could get away with it, but you didn’t.”

“We have suffered long enough and now it’s your turn to cry,” the victim said in her statement.

The other female victim read her statement to the court that said,” Now that I know I won’t see him again I feel a lot more braver.”

The victims’ mother said what Werling did to her family was “unforgivable” and told him he was a coward that hurt so many lives.

The pre-sentence investigation of Werling’s previous criminal history includes a prior conviction of gross sexual imposition charge in 1996 where h was sentenced to prison for two years. The victim was under the age of 13. Werling was also convicted of attempted rape in 2000. Those victims were also minors and known to Werling. He was classified as a habitual sex offender in 2000.

Judge Wall said Werling didn’t fully accept what happened and even blamed one of the victims “because she wasn’t his favorite.” Wall said Werling preyed upon children under the age of 13 because they are too young to be able to stand up for themselves. An example in a police report included how Werling would lure children with stuffed animals to his bedroom or coax them into the kitchen with candy.

“You are definitely a risk to the public,” Wall said.

Werling will serve five years on post-release control following the eight-year prison sentence.

Piqua man to serve eight years in prison for third conviction

By Melanie Yingst

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