Sheriff Dave Duchak clear choice on ballot


To the Editor:

I am compelled to weigh in on the upcoming primary election on March 17, 2020. This election will have a profound impact on the safety of our citizens and our law enforcement community.

During the course of my 27 year career in law enforcement, I have worked closely with both candidates at differing times and in differing degrees.

Sheriff Duchak has served 30 years in the Miami County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Duchak first served as a deputy, then promoted to sergeant, lieutenant, captain, chief deputy and ultimately elected by the voters of Miami County as their sheriff.

He has worked every type of case imaginable including crimes against children, aggravated murder, corrupt activity, and cartels trafficking drugs. More importantly, Sheriff Duchak is intimately familiar with every aspect of the office to include leading the men and women of the department, managing our jails and overseeing the largest budget in county government. Sheriff Duchak and his staff have compiled one of the finest law enforcement agencies I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Sheriff Duchak’s challenger has served under four elected Sheriffs in three different counties. These individuals are best suited to determine promotions and all four of these sheriffs made conscious decisions not to promote Sheriff Duchak’s challenger. In short, in 26 years as a deputy, the challenger was never once promoted, nor did he ever supervise a single person. These facts are undisputed and important for the voters to be made aware of before heading to the polls.

Miami County deserves nothing but the best in their elected officials and Sheriff Duchak brings the experience, commitment and leadership, which makes him the clear choice to continue protecting us all as our chief law enforcement officer.

Please join me in voting to re-elect our Sheriff Dave Duchak on March 17.

— Anthony E. Kendell

Miami County Prosecuting Attorney

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