Societal program can be tracked to ‘big money’


To the Editor:

Thanks to Leadership Troy for holding Meet The Candidates Night and to Melanie Yingst for covering the event.

During the forum, candidates for Congressional District 8 were reminded that January marked the 10th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which opened the floodgates of big money — and dark money — into elections. They were then asked, “If elected, will you pledge to support House Joint Resolution 48, the proposed We The People Amendment, which will make clear that constitutional rights belong to human beings only—not corporations and other artificial entities—and money spent on campaigns is not a form of protected speech and shall be regulated?”

The three District 8 candidates attending the forum answered yes. Warren Davidson, who currently holds the seat, was not present.

Edward Meer, Davidson’s Republican challenger, said money is ruining politics, and it leaves people wondering who’s getting money from whom, and who wants what for that money. The two Democratic candidates had similar views. Matt Guyette said that while he understands the Supreme Court’s decision, he believes it was misguided because it basically puts democracy up for sale. Dr. Vanessa Enoch said the Citizens United decision was wrong and needs to be reversed. She said decisions based on the voices of corporations are not in the best interests of people, and she would support HJR 48.

Many of our societal problems — including those experienced locally — can be traced back to the influence of big money and corporate power. HJR 48 offers a strategy for starting to solve those problems.

— Deborah Hogshead


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