Stefanik responds to citizens’ concerns


TIPP CITY — The Miami Valley Today received comment past deadline from Tipp City Schools Superintendent Mark Stefanik for an article that ran in the Wednesday, May 26, edition of the newspaper.

The article was regarding Tipp City citizens’ concerns over the high volume of resignations from faculty and staff within the school district over the last year.

When asked for comment regarding the resignations, superintendent Mark Stefanik said: “We have created a chart on our website highlighting resignation trends over the past few years. Currently, our resignation percentage is below the national average for education institutions. Several of our resignations, this year and in the past, were due to family obligations, including relocations for new job opportunities for spouses. Any time an employee resigns, it is a loss for our district, and our role is to find a high quality teacher to enhance educational opportunities for our students.”

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