Stop the slaughter of wild horses


To the Editor:

I am writing to you today … to request that you support a bill to stop all horse slaughter. We have been having trouble with the Bureau of Land Management cruelly rounding up our wild horses out west and taking away their freedom, putting them in holding corrals and then selling them to kill buyers or loading them up, sending them to Canada or Mexico and flying them overseas to be slaughtered.

This is horribly wrong and it has gone on too long. This is because of the welfare ranchers who want to steal the land for their cattle grazing. That is not fair to the wild horses and the government under Trump has put his oilman friend William Pendley in the Bureau of Land Management. There should be a removal of Pendley and new laws passed that makes it illegal to round up our wild horses and take them from the land they are used to be living happily on.

It is cruel and many are killed during these roundups.

— Connie Powell


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