Strangers offer act of kindness


To the Editor:

I am a resident in StoryPoint Troy. They furnish transportation to Walmart and Meijers stores twice a week.

We are given an hour or so to shop. Tuesday I spent most of my time choosing six cards. Graduation, birthday, anniversary and etc. I wanted special cards for special people. I also had candy, birthday wrapping paper and nachos.

I laid my items on the counter. The lady ahead of me was still loading her groceries so I decided to get my credit card ready. No credit card. My billfold was at home in a drawer.

The cashier said I could leave my items at the office, go home and get my card. I couldn’t since I depended on the bus. I was in a quandary.

The lady ahead of me ask if she could help. I thanked her but declined her offer. Then a young couple behind me offered their help. I declined. Then he looked at the lady said if you pay half I will pay half not knowing the amount. He said if this was my mother or grandmother I would want someone to help her out. The total was $43.73. They both gave her the cash.

They would not give me their names or address. To whoever you are: I want you to know words cannot express my heartfelt appreciation for your special act of kindness. God bless you and keep you safe in His care.

— Etta Kress


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