Sunday alcohol sales on May 2 ballot


By Amantha Garpiel

[email protected]

TROY — On the May 2 primary election ballot, solely for voters in precinct 3-C in Troy, is the request to allow for the Sunday sales of wine, mixed beverages and liquor at Old Scratch Pizza, set to open in the Summer of 2023.

The issue is on the May 2 ballot because Ohio’s liquor laws prohibits Sunday alcohol sales unless the matter has previously been voted on by the precinct in which an establishment is located.

The restaurant, Old Scratch Pizza, owned by Eric Soller, is set to open this summer in the former Troy Fire Station 11, 19 E. Race St., and will be the fourth location Soller is opening.

“We’ve already filed for our liquor permit, but in order for it to have Sunday sales be allowed, it has to go to a vote,” said Soller. “It’s just fulfilling an odd part of Ohio’s liquor laws.”

“For us, we’re open on Sundays and we like to be open on Sundays, and we went around and did the petition and we’re just asking for the same rights that any other businesses had, and that’s the right to put it to a vote,” said Soller. “That’s what we want to accomplish, just have Sunday sales and we’re excited to be there.”

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