Sunday liquor sales on the Nov. 8 ballot for Troy, Piqua


TROY — Sunday sales of wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquors will be up for consideration by voters in Troy’s Concord east precinct and Piqua’s 1-C/E precinct on the Tuesday, Nov. 8, election ballot.

The owners of Longshots Driving Range, located at 2315 S. County Road 25A, are seeking the ability to sell wine, mixed beverages and spirituous liquors on Sunday under a D-6 permit.

“It’s just Sunday,” Longshots Co-Owner Tim Johnson said. “We already have the permit to serve wine and spirits six days per week.”

Longshots has been open as a driving range since the spring of 2018, and added a restaurant and patio in May of 2022.

“We’re not a bar,” Johnson said. “We’re just a driving range, a golf simulator and a place where families and friends can gather and just have a good time.”

Longshots already carries beer seven days a week; wine and mixed drinks are available every day except for Sunday.

“We can serve beer seven days a week, for carry-out if they want to or consumed on the premises,” Johnson said. “They can also carry any containers out to the tee tower or the tee line, and we have an outdoor patio that they can use.”

“Without Sunday sales, we couldn’t even serve a margarita or glass of wine on Sunday,” Johnson said. “So it was having some impact on our sales. We have a lot of requests from people coming in on Sunday afternoons. It’s not that they ask us, they basically order it.”

Longshots hired an outside contractor to help with getting enough signatures to place Sunday sales on the ballot.

“I think it was around 150,” Johnson said. “They got those pretty quick, then they had to be certified at the board of elections.”

“We have high expectations that it will pass,” he said. “We hired a company to help us with the process, because we were just too busy.”

In Piqua, the owners of Godine Drive-Thru are also seeking a D-6 permit and the ability to sell wine and mixed beverages on Sundays. Located at 608 Weber St., the drive-thru has been in business since 2017.

Godine Drive-Thru is already allowed to sell beer and wine six days per week, and currently is not open on Sundays.

“It’s just beer and wine,” Owner Samson Godine said. “It’s a Sunday license; we don’t have that permit, so we can’t open.”

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