Support Bernie Mereno for U.S. Senator


To the editor:

I felt compelled to write this letter after reading the column in the local paper from Senator Brown regarding our fentanyl emergency at the border.

Senator Brown cannot play both sides of this extremely important issue. He stated in last week’s column “I am pressing the administration for answers on its strategy to go after the supply chain, from chemicals suppliers in China to the cartels trafficking the drugs from Mexico to the U.S.”

We need to pay close attention to these hollow claims, understand what is really taking place and how to disrupt the poison supply from across the border.

If our Senator really wanted to stop this carnage, he would be supporting millions of Americans working to secure our border, period. Secure our border and you choke down the fentanyl supply immediately, cheap talk without action has zero value Senator Brown.

If you lack the courage or conviction to protect the hard working Americans that elected you, then we need a change in leadership. You can read in any paper in this country the stories of destruction of American families from the deadly poison fentanyl. We have all heard the stories of how many Americans could be killed “right now” with the supply of fentanyl already in our country; disgusting.

I believe it is a time to change leadership across the spectrum of American politics. A very good start would be to support Bernie Mereno for U.S. Senator, an extremely impressive American businessman who came to our country to pursue the American dream. Please join me, family and friends in voting for Bernie, a first step to gaining our country back!

Steve Bruns

President, Bruns General Contracting

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