Support the neighborhood schools plan


‏To the Editor:

We are writing to encourage the citizens of Troy to vote Yes on March 17 in support of the new Neighborhood Schools plan put forth by district.

‏My family and I are supporting this bond issue, as it is important for our students, and the future of our community, to modernize our school systems. This will provide an improved learning environment for our students, opportunities for our teachers and educational leaders to improve the quality of the educational product, and provide modern security advancements that will enhance the safety and security of our children, faculty, and staff.

‏We are also supporting this measure to come alongside our schools as they support the growth and development of our kids. Education is a partnership between the families and the school system, and each has its own roles and responsibilities. At home, our boys are being taught respect, accountability, perseverance, and that they are leaders in their classrooms and community. We see this reflected in the “Trojan Way” initiative, and we are so encouraged to know that what we are teaching at home is being reinforced and modeled at school.

‏Two central parts of the Trojan Way are: “Together” and “You Matter.” I am asking that, as a community, we come together for the future of our students, and the future of our community. The Neighborhood Schools Plan keeps that sense of civic pride, and allows us to move forward toward excellence, and becoming “elite,” in our educational system.

‏On the second part: You matter! Your support for our kids, matters. Your support for our teachers, matters. Your support for our community, matters! Your support on March 17, matters, not only in the short-term, but in the long-term vision for the success of our students and school system here in Troy. None of us can do this alone, we have to move forward together.

‏Please join with us in voting Yes on March 17!

— ‏Zachary and Whitney Whitehead and family


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