Support your local shelter at this time


To the Editor:

The term “out of sight, out of mind” has taken on a new meaning during the coronavirus. In the midst of panic and worry, it is easy to forget about the smaller details — or rather the smaller creatures.

Many pet shelters and rescues are closed to the public but are still taking in animals as people face personal financial turmoil. If you are in need of a furry friend, your quarantine doesn’t have to delay you. Many shelters have online adoption available. If you can’t adopt a pet, that’s fine too. Right now, local animal shelters have some of the greatest need for funding, supplies, and volunteers. If you find yourself with extra free time, many shelters are in extreme need of volunteers. Additionally, you can donate food and supplies — maybe even share some of your paper towels, if you’ve picked up a few too many rolls.

If you choose to give financially, make sure it goes to your local pet shelter. National organizations such as ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States aren’t affiliated with your local shelter and have large overhead costs and executive salaries. If you don’t know which shelter to give to, makes sure 95 percent of your donations get to a local shelter in your state that has been screened.

Thank you,

— Will Coggin, Managing Director

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