Take only what you are entitled to


To the Editor:

On a recent quest to Kroger’s for the now elusive package of toilet tissue, I learned that while none had come in the night before, they did have rubbing alcohol and peroxide.

When I found the right aisle, there were but five pints of alcohol left, perhaps a few more of peroxide. I was entitled to two of each, and was tempted to take two, but I thought of others who might have need right now for this stuff. I took one of each.

A lady who cam next was obviously a member of “Hoarders Without Borders,” so she took all that was left of the alcohol.

Perhaps I am wrong about her. Perhaps she was planning to distribute it to those who need it most, but as she could only buy two, and the cashiers I know at Kroger’s, a place I actually go to less since this insanity began, she was only going to get the two she was entitled to.

— Tom Fenner


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