Tavern Building an ‘embarrassment to the city’


To the editor:

I was under the impression that based on the structural engineer’s report ordered by the judge she was going to issue a decision on how the owner of the building could legally move forward. But once again, what in my opinion is beginning to be an embarrassment to the city and a real inconvenience for many citizens drags on.

The historic preservation group and the adjoining property owners are making a big deal about the fact that the structural engineer’s report did not address what they called the key issue, if the building is a safety hazard. In other words, they seem to think if the building was stabilized that would take care of the key issue. NO! While safety may be a concern, the key issue is what the heck to do with this building. If the current owner spends the approximate $225,000 mentioned in the engineering report, to stabilize the building, what’s next? The report also stated it would take around $3,000,000 to restore the building – WHO’S COMING UP WITH THAT? So making the owner spend the $225,000 and then take down the building does not make a lot of sense.

Last week’s letter to this newspaper wanted to blame the mayor. But it looks to me like there are many more people involved than the mayor and one has to wonder, just exactly, what is the plan for the groups wanting to save the building? The city kicked around taking it, the library kicked it around and both just kicked the ball down the road. This has been going on for several years now. If those groups by now, have not sought ways to fund the restoration or at least compiled a list least of interested parties with the ability to do so, then it seems their plan is to also kick the ball down the road.

At this point there is only one thing for sure – the mess on West Main Street and inconveniences for the citizens of Troy and Miami County continues with no end in sight. And you just have to wonder, how many more expert opinions or reports by these experts are needed for Troy’s elected official to make a decision. In the meantime, as legal and various other expenses continue to accrue, the city has an old building sitting there continuing to deteriorate.

William Cox


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