The 9.5-acre fish pond


To the editor:

This is what the Tipp City Council approved in their motion for the Off Channel Wetlands a few years ago. In case you have not seen what it looks like just drive east on Main Street until it intersects the Great Miami River. Most of the land between SR571 and the River belongs to Tipp City.

18.3 acres was developed and paid for by an Ohio State program named H2Ohio and the sign says “Off Channel Wetland”.

The Tipp City Council must have been shown some impressive natural beauty scenes in order to get them to vote for a “fish pond”, but the Tipp City Ohio project has been completed and what you see is what we got. The Internet lists this project as “completed”.

I am not sure those Tipp City Council people knew what they were voting for.

People have asked me what it is supposed to be and they think it is a “mosquito breeding ground”.

Three of the Tipp City Council people who were on the Council that voted for the “Wetlands” are running for office this November. They are some of the same people who have already spent nearly a half million dollars towards land that is intended to beautify our west end of town and do something about the existing traffic that is programmed to have you stop at the six traffic-lighted intersections at I-75. And these people will be deciding the plans for how the two planned monstrous truck terminals and the additional 200-plus “luxury apartments” traffic will be using these same intersections.

David R. Cook

Tipp City

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