The sufferings of the Trump presidency


To the Editor:

Honesty, courtesy, civility, truthfulness, and respectfulness have all suffered mightily because of the current and temporary part-time resident of the White House. It is impossible for a mentally disturbed, pathological liar and complete narcissist to relate to these admirable qualities. All are obvious in a decent and honorable man of character,

The president should, as part of his job responsibilities, be making every effort to unify the country. He instead is doing the opposite in dividing the country further by using words such as liars, sleaze bags, crazies, horrible and vicious in describing his political opponents in his impeachment victory speech. Rambling on for more than an hour attacking, belittling, and castigating anyone not 100 percent loyal to him and his political platform. His own Republican party members have privately admitted they acquitted Trump of impeachment out of fear of repercussions and fear of losing future reelection. This despot (a person exercising power abusively, oppressively, or tyrannically) reigns on.

The actions and speech of the present leader of the free world is disturbingly reminiscent of a man called Hitler and the dark days of World War II. Squashing all opposition to his irrational, demented agenda and his inflated, egotistical personality. Refusing or unable to accept criticism or advice from anyone and never admitting any wrong.

Abraham Lincoln once said “nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Our founders shared a profound belief that all people must be held equally accountable before the law, including the commander-in-chief.

Mitt Romney was the only Republican party member that exhibited the character and courage during the impeachment trial voting to convict the president and find him guilty of the charges brought forth. He relied on his faith and conscience to cast his vote as the right thing to do, knowing he would face the wrath of the president, his base, and his own party, with his political career in jeopardy. But he did it anyway. That, my friends is courage.

The present state of the country is not the America we have come to know and love.

Be courageous and vote for the candidates that exhibit the admirable traits of honesty, courage, and character in all the upcoming political elections. Those people who will do the right thing and what’s best for the country and not their own political aspirations of election or reelection.

Please be in prayer for our country and all our leaders for divine discernment needed to restore our faith and hope for a better and unified America.

— Chuck Petty


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