There should be stricter laws for breeders


To the Editor:

As an animal lover I was extremely upset to read the latest “Horrible Hundred” report which highlights problem dog breeders and is released every year by the Humane Society of the United States.

Over a dozen high-volume dog breeders in Ohio were listed in the report for violations such as lack of veterinary care, filthy living conditions, and breeding female dogs who were extremely underweight.

Many dog breeders in the report are repeat offenders and seem to be allowed to treat dogs in a way that none of us can do under the law. I would be charged with animal abuse if I were to treat my dog, Frankie, like this! I don’t understand how this cruelty is legal and why the state isn’t doing more to stop it. Ohio has laws on the books that spell out the care and housing standards for commercially bred dogs.

Breeders who are consistently not complying with these laws should face stricter consequences like hefty fines or be shut down!

— Casey Amend

Huber Heights

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