Tipp City American Legion Post 586 awards scholarships


For the Miami Valley Today

TIPP CITY — The Tipp City American Legion Post 586 recently issued eight $750 scholarships. These scholarships were issued based on need, academic achievements, community involvement and leadership attributes.

The scholarship recipients include:

• Cora Purves

Cora Purves will be a freshman at the University of Findlay in Findlay. She will be majoring in the English and creative writing programs.

Her goal is to work in the literary field as an editor or publisher. She is also interested in writing her own books.

• Emily Burleson

Emily Burleson will be a junior at the University of Evansville majoring in health services administration. She is interested in obtaining her bachelor’s degree and then pursuing a dual public health and law graduate degree. Her ultimate goal is to work in the field of health law and policy to better the health care system at the administrative level.

• Kayla Mullen

Kayla Mullen will be pursuing a master’s of science degree at the University of Dayton. Her goal is to become a physician’s assistant. She has chosen this route so she can promote health and wellness on a personal level and make a difference in people’s lives.

• Chace Trent

Chace Trent will be sophomore at the University of Northwestern Ohio majoring in agribusiness. He is pursuing a career in the agricultural field because he loves animals and wants to work in the great outdoors.

• Caleb Steggemann

Caleb Steggemann will be a student at Mercer County EMS Training Academy. Caleb is going to continue his education to complete his EMT and Paramedic profession. He hopes to become a full-time firefighter/paramedic.

• Mackenzie Weaver

Mackenzie Weaver will be a senior at Wilmington College this fall. She intends to continue working hard in school to maintain her Dean’s List accomplishments for her final two semesters. Weaver believes that majoring in accounting and business finance along with her commitment to academic achievement will propel her forward to a rewarding career.

• Daniel Trimbach

Daniel Trimbach will be attending Southeastern University in the fall and plans to pursue a master’s degree in theology in order to become a pastor. His desire is to re-structure a secular management to be more relationally balanced to foster healthier work environments.

• Jonathan Trimbach

Jonathan Trimbach will be a junior at Southeastern University Ohio campus majoring in business management. He wants to focus on human resources. His goal is to help lead a harmonious work environment by developing a spiritual leadership to strengthen the team.

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