Tipp City CARES Act funding totals under $1M


TIPP CITY — The city of Tipp City received $898,095.40 in CARES Act funds; according to Tipp City Finance Director John Green, $360,000 was returned to the county on Nov. 20 for redistribution in accordance with the federal guidelines at that time.

Major expenses to-date include:

• $379,644.52 allocated to unbudgeted administrative leave for city employees affected by COVID-19 beginning on March 1, 2020 and ending Dec. 19, 2020.

• Touchless water and ice dispensers in the city building totaling $33,375.

• Touchless restroom fixtures such as toilets, urinals and sinks in the Government Center restrooms totaling $6,850.

• Sanitary door pulls totaling $1,090.46.

• Materials, supplies, and services to enable and enhance live streaming council and board meetings totaling $25,738.66; $21,775.66 was allocated to upgrading cameras and live streaming systems for council and board meetings, $193.01 allocated to GOTO Meeting and Zoom, $14.99 allocated to Zoom, and $4,626.81 allocated toward webcams throughout the city buildings.

• UV Light filtration disinfecting systems in the city’s HVAC systems totaling $22,843.05.

• PPE and materials to enhance social distancing including masks, plexiglass barriers and disinfecting fogger totaling $19,173.84; $4,055 was allocated toward a secure transaction window for the city manager’s office, $4,074.44 was allocated toward disposable facemasks and sanitizer, $10,638 was allocated toward electrostatic sprayer and chemical disinfectant, and $406.40 was allocated toward floor decals and belt stanchions to direct traffic flow and maintain the recommended 6-foot social distancing.

• Laptops and remote workstation supplies to enable work from home where possible totaling $3,557.56. A total of $58,344.81 was held for expenditure and payment through the year-end.

As of Jan. 31, 2021, $44,950.51 has been held for additional expenditures for miscellaneous PPE, cleaning supplies and other expenses.

”If you ask 10 people how they would spend unanticipated grant funds and then what benefit they received from those funds you will likely get a wide sampling of answers,” Green said. “The federal grant funding initially came with a lot of uncertainty on how it could be spent and what level of oversight would be required if the funds were disbursed as sub-grants to local community organizations. With only seven people in the city’s finance department, I was unsure we could meet our oversight commitments if the funds were used outside the city organization.”

Green added that most of the monies received and spent by the city are derived directly from taxpayers or utility users. Using the grant funds to offset wage and benefit costs that were associated with the March shutdowns, quarantine and isolation requirements was allowable under the grant requirements and was determined to be the best use of the funds received.

“This enabled the normal operating funds of the city to be used for non-pandemic uses and helps preserve the city’s cash balances to ensure financial wellness for future periods,” Green said.

Green also said that if Tipp City were to receive additional funding, the city will work within the guidelines provided by the federal granting agency to ensure the funds are spent as directed.

“If Tipp City does not receive additional federal grant funding, we will work within the approved budget to continue to provide the high level of service Tipp City residents expect and enjoy,” Green said.

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