Tipp City Council OKs 2022 solar energy schedule


TIPP CITY — Monday evening, the Tipp City Council authorized City Manager Timothy Eggleston to enter into a new contract for solar energy to continue keeping energy costs low in Tipp City.

City Council conducted second readings on three ordinances. The first ordinance presented Monday evening was regarding the expired wind energy contract and potential 2022 solar energy schedule with American Municipal Power Inc. The council approved the switch from wind to solar energy contracts for up to 4,500 kW with a price of $45/ MWh to help keep energy costs in Tipp City low.

The council then approved amendments to multiple areas of the code of ordinances for the city of Tipp City regarding the languages of the chapters covering traffic code and general offenses. Not much within the sections was required to change, the city amended the codes to comply with state statutes.

During its meeting, the council also introduced and approved two new resolutions. The council unanimously approved a resolution that would allow Eggleston to enter into a contract with KZF Design to engineer and design the Exit 68 Interchange Beautification Project that has been on the books for the Tipp City Council since 2012, according to council member Ryan Liddy. Following the approval of the interchange construction, council also approved a resolution to allow Eggleston to apply for funding from the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission for the resurfacing of Donn Davis Way.

Lastly, council conducted the first reading on two ordinances. The ordinances are for amendments to thecodified ordinances of the city of Tipp City.

• The first ordinance would allow for amendments to the language of certain sections of chapter 36 of the Codified Ordinances which include the Boards and Commissions General Procedures, Board of Appeals, Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council, Parks Advisory Board, Building Standards Board of Review and the Civil Service Commission.

• The second ordinance is also to amend the language of the codified ordinances of the city of Tipp City in chapter 94 regarding trees, general procedures. These two resolutions for language amendment to the codes simply reformat the ordinances to include different languages for the various board agendas, to allow boards to choose their own meeting times, rather than having the majority of board meetings in Tipp City beginning at 7:30 p.m. and to install term limits for the parks advisory board and the trees board.

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