Tipp City detective put on administrative leave


TIPP CITY — Tipp City Police Detective Todd Daley has been put on administrative leave during an investigation into alleged misconduct while off-duty.

Daley was placed on administrative leave on Nov. 14, 2022, after allegations surfaces on off-duty misconduct as an employee of the city of Tipp City. According to a press release from Tipp City Police Chief Gregory Adkins, based on the initial facts of the matter, there was sufficient evidence to support a thorough administrative and criminal investigation into the matter.

Tipp City Police Department (TCPD) administration contacted the Miami County Sheriff’s Office to conduct the criminal investigations for transparency and jurisdiction where the incident occurred.

Following the review of the case by the prosecutor and presentation of charges to the proper court, Daley, per the collective bargaining contract, will remain on paid administrative leave until the court’s disposition.

The TCPD takes off-duty conduct seriously and the alleged behavior will not be tolerated. The police department is service-oriented and represents the highest level of integrity and good moral character of all employees on and off duty, the release said.

“We pride ourselves on transparency and trust in the community and community trust. Please have patience and do not rush to judgement until all the facts are reviewed, and a final determination is issued in the matter. Employees are entitled to a fair and speedy resolution based on the rules of collective bargaining agreements, department and city policy, and the court’s final disposition,” said Adkins, in the release.

Adkins stated that the TCPD has no further information regarding the alleged misconduct.

“The misconduct is an internal matter, pending review by a prosecutor to determine if charges are (going to be) filed, and I will not jeopardize that investigation,” said Adkins when contacted for a comment.

The Tipp City Council honored Daley with the 2018 Officer of the Year in February 2019 after he was chosen as the recipient of the Officer of the Year award by his peers in the department.

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