Tipp City Police Department reports


Information filed by the Tipp City Police Department.

June 28

FRAUD: Victim reported a theft incident at the 200 block of South Garber Drive.

VANDALISM: Vandalism regarding an egged vehicle reported at the 700 block of Larch Street.

ACCIDENT: Two-vehicle accident reported at the intersection of North Garber Drive and West Main Street. Occupants refused medical service, and no injuries were reported.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: A dog running loose was reported at the 400 block of North Fourth Street. Area was checked with no animal located.

June 29

ACCIDENT: A two-vehicle accident with injuries was reported at the intersection of North Hyatt Street and West Main Street.

PROPERTY DAMAGE: Reporting party at the 700 block of Copperfield Lane found a crack in vehicle’s windshield; the vehicle was a recent purchase.

THEFT: Officers responded to a theft at Menards on 75 Weller Drive. Suspects were involved in a prior theft and charged. Female had a warrant out of Englewood; Englewood police were contacted.

June 30

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: Reporting party at 500 North Hyatt Street expressed concern that she was being stalked and pointed out a vehicle in the back of her apartment. Owner of the vehicle was waiting on reporting party’s neighbor to go to work. Reporting party was advised of this.

THEFT: Stolen newspaper reported at the 100 block of East Walnut Street.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: Man observed kneeling on rail road tracks at West Broadway Street complied to stepping off tracks and was warned for trespassing.

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Officers responded to complaints of two creme labs running loose at the 700 block of Beechwood Drive. Owner was found.

CITIZEN ASSIST: Hole in levy reported at Kyle Park after reporting party fell through it. No injuries were reported, and the hole was marked and reported to Tipp City Parks Department.

July 1

THEFT: Unknown white female reportedly stole $16.98 worth of merchandise between 11:43 and 11:48 a.m. at the Tipp City CVS.

CIVIL DISPUTE: Child custody issue filed at police department.

NON-CRIMINAL DAMAGE: Gates came down at the railroad crossing at South Third Street and struck a vehicle.

UNRULY JUVENILE: A juvenile threw something at a moving car at the intersection of West Broadway Street and Hathaway Trail.

CITIZEN ASSIST: Officers responded to the 400 block of South Second Street on concerns that a grandmother would come over the next day to attempt to pick up children after the mother told her no.

July 2

ANIMAL COMPLAINT: Dog found and kept at the 500 block of Hathaway Trail in case someone calls in regard to missing dog.

WELFARE CHECK: Caller reported two girls walking across bridge at the 200 block of Parkwood Drive and wanted them checked on. Girls were out fishing on the riverbank, no issues found.

WELFARE CHECK: Vehicle associate with drug transactions in Harrison Township was observed at the 900 block of Westedge Drive. White female present exhibited signs of meth abuse, she and white juvenile female appeared fine.

July 3

SUSPICIOUS PRIORTY: Caller at the 600 block of North Hyatt Street believed someone tampered with brake line.

July 4

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: Glass on south side of park sign at Roger Presley Memorial Trail was broken.

FIREWORKS COMPLAINT: Fireworks complaint was called in at the intersection of South Third Street and East Broadway Street; no fireworks were located upon officer arrival.

FIREWORKS COMPLAINT: Fireworks complaint was called in at Apache Court; no fireworks were located upon officer arrival.

FIREWORKS COMPLAINT: Fireworks complaint was called in at the intersection of Ford Avenue and North Second Street; no fireworks were located upon officer arrival.

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