Tipp City Schools continues commitment to student achievement


TIPP CITY — Under the direction of new leadership, Tipp City Schools is charting an ambitious course toward a future with boundless possibilities for our students, said information provided by the school district. Superintendent Aaron Moran, who joined the district this past summer, is focused on what is best for students and committed to improving student achievement, learning, and engagement. His vision embraces enhanced, enriching opportunities beyond textbooks and classrooms, aiming to nurture well-rounded individuals equipped to thrive.

The school district is committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment that goes beyond traditional boundaries, with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills, fostering creativity, and instilling a sense of civic responsibility.

At the heart of this vision is a commitment to personalized learning. Recognizing each student’s unique strengths and interests, the district is working towards tailoring educational experiences to meet individual needs and growth. The district aims to provide an engaging and relevant learning journey through innovative teaching methods, instructional coaches, and technology integration. This includes innovative educational programs and teaching methods to enhance student learning and outcomes.

Preparing students for the future also involves equipping them with the skills required in the 21st century. This includes digital literacy, adaptability, and effective communication. The curriculum is evolving to incorporate these skills, ensuring our graduates are academically proficient and equipped with the tools necessary for success.

Tipp City Schools believes student success also comes from participation in extracurricular activities. The district is proud of its award-winning athletics, literary publication, choral program, marching band, and academic teams. Students in grades 4 to 12 also have the opportunity to participate in many afterschool activities, such as theatre productions, Chess Club, Math Club, and Science Fair.

The district recognizes the growing importance of community engagement and collaboration. Partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and community leaders are being prioritized to create internship opportunities, pre-apprenticeships, mentorship programs, and authentic volunteer opportunities for students to help them see different pathways to success.

Another top priority for Tipp City Schools is facilities and the growing, urgent need for new schools. The district is on the March ballot for a 30-year bond to construct a new PK-8 school on the Hyatt Street Campus.

The older schools are old, incompatible with 21st-century learning requirements, and ill-equipped to meet the needs of students and future generations of learners. The maintenance challenges associated with older infrastructure are considerable, ranging from aging plumbing and HVAC systems to outdated electrical wiring. Addressing issues like lead paint, asbestos, mercury flooring, and outdated hearing systems requires a significant financial commitment. And there are times when obtaining parts or equipment is nearly impossible.

New facilities are more energy-efficient, have HVAC systems that contribute to improved indoor air quality and are designed to be more accessible for individuals with disabilities. New construction can mean safer schools as they are designed with the latest safety features, advancements in building codes, and improved construction materials that reduce exposure to harmful substances.

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