Tipp Council addresses sewer concerns at Monday meeting


TIPP CITY — A Tipp City resident raised concerns about the sewer lines in his neighborhood at Monday’s council meeting.

Shaun Thobe, who lives at the 100 block of Floral Acres Drive in Tipp City, said the new sewer line put in his neighborhood last year has made it to where he constantly smells sewage in his home, driving in his car, and even in his camper that he tries to stay in when it becomes too unbearable in his home.

“I wanted to come tonight to put more of an emphasis on this, because it has been a pain since we’ve had it in. We constantly smell — you can only imagine coming out of a sewer. It is so bad, it makes it into our house. I can’t sit on my front porch. I’m out in my camper trying to load my camper for the weekend, and it fills the camper,” Thobe said.

Thobe said he had been in contact with Eric Mack about the issue and was told new manhole covers would be put in place. He also said when the sewer lines were redone, residents were told the neighborhood would be restored to where it was originally, and that he felt that the result was not the case. He added that he wants to understand what will be done about the smell and after the manhole covers will be put in.

City Manager Tim Eggleston said he would contact city employees to discuss the issue and get back to Thobe some time this week.

“If you need to come back, come back, and let us know,” council member Mike Jackson said. “We want this fixed.”

Council also unanimously approved an ordinance accepting certain public improvements as completed by the developer of Rosewood Creek Subdivision.

An ordinance reducing the landscaping requirements for parking areas within Tipp City was read and died due to no sponsor for the ordinance.

The next meeting of Tipp City Council will be held Monday, Sept. 20 at 7:30 p.m.

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