Tipp Council approves new housing type


TIPP CITY — Tipp City Council unanimously passed an ordinance amending the zoning code and creating a new housing type Monday evening.

The new housing type is single-family and is called a narrow zero lot line home, which will be a thinner, smaller version of zero lot line homes that are already established in Tipp City. The narrow zero lot line homes will only be allowed in R-3 multi-family residential home districts and only as a special use. The homes will look and function similar to condominiums but would be not be condominiums, as individual home lots are created, and lot sizes will range from 1,250 square feet to 1,600 square feet. Specific architectural standards, off-street parking, additional green space and specialized façade treatment is mandated in the code, as well. According to Community Development Director Matt Spring, the lots would be similar to those on Thornburg Place.

The developer for the project, Ben Mosier, said the target customer for the homes would be empty-nesters. The goal is that buyers would pay a monthly home owner’s association fee that would include lawn mowing, landscaping, and other amenities.

“We’re building houses right off of 25A — I have an open house every single Sunday. I have for almost a year now, and I bet 80% of the people that walk through the door is a retired couple that’s anywhere from maybe their upper 50s to middle 70s, and basically, they’re settling for something else when this is what they’re looking for,” Mosier said. “We just feel that there’s a very strong need for this.”

Mosier added that the homes are all two bedroom, two bathroom, have two-car garages that aren’t oversized, and will have access to a park that will include a dog park, walking trails, and a shelter house. Currently, the plan is to keep all homes single-story.

Council also passed a resolution authorizing City Manager Tim Eggleston to enter into any agreements or contracts with the Ohio Department of Transportation associated with the County Road 25A/State Route 571 traffic control safety project. According to Eggleston, the project is funded up to $312,391.40 through ODOT. Any costs accrued beyond that would need to be covered by the city. The project includes putting a pre-warning light in place to help prevent accidents at the intersection of County Road 25A and State Route 571.

Under presentations, proclamations and awards, Will Roberts was sworn in as a new officer with the Tipp City Police Department.

“I’m delighted to add another face to our police force and those who protect us on a daily basis,” said Mayor Joseph Gibson. “Welcome aboard; we hope that you enjoy your tenure here and that you serve the citizens of Tipp City well.”

The next regular meeting of Tipp City Council will be 7:30 p.m. Monday, July 19.

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